The Olympic beauty, the queen of the mountains, are all names that correspond to Jahorina. Jahorina is located 30 kilometers from Sarajevo and 17 kilometers from Pale. The highest peak is Ogorjelica at 1916 meters above sea level. It had a turbulent history, and what may have left the greatest mark and glory on its name are the Winter Olympics. Sarajevo and Yugoslavia hosted the 16th Winter Olympics from February 8 to 19, 1984. This festival of youth and sports breathed freshness and enthusiasm into Sarajevo and its surroundings, as well as the whole of Yugoslavia. The Sarajevo Olympics became the initiator of the development of winter, sports and continental tourism in the region. The host of the competition at the Winter Olympic Games were Jahorina, Bjelasnica, Igman, Trebevic, Cvrsnica and other mountain massifs in the narrower and wider Sarajevo area, as well as the city of Sarajevo. The most famous face of these games was the popular “Vucko”, a friendly wolf dressed in a winter wardrobe who invites you to Jahorina to enjoy together.


Today, you can enjoy various types of entertainment throughout this year on this Olympic beauty. I have visited Jahorina in all seasons and I guarantee that fun is guaranteed whenever you come. Skiing awaits you in the best conditions, with top equipment, modern gondolas and great trails. During the winter, I love what I call “extreme sewing”, I sit in the wonderful ambience of one of the hotels, I drink extremely well mulled wine, I eat extremely good food, I watch extremely talented skiers and I feel extremely good …! Joke aside, for lovers of good food and drinks on Jahorina you will find excellent restaurants and good wines. The team that takes care of the “life” of the mountain organizes great concerts here. I watched Brian Ferry and Gibonni and these are parties I will remember for a lifetime.

If you decide to visit the mountain in the spring or summer you will not go wrong. For a long time I didn’t understand why going to the mountains in the summer. The first time I was on Jahorina in the summer I realized how wrong I was. Pleasant temperature when the city is too hot, clean and sharp air, great walking trails and my favorite ride in popular quad vehicles on the mountain, I didn’t need anything more … A magical view stretches from the cable car. For 9 convertible marks (4.5 euros) you get a return ticket that runs from the hotel “Termag” to the top … and at the top you will find a ski bar, amusement park, lake and an unreal view of the “Olympic beauty”.

It is important to note that with the purchased ticket you get a 30% discount with the services used at the top. You can also go down from the top of the mountain with a bean. It’s a great summer experience. On the Poljice plateau, there is also a tower at which you can climb to a height of 9 meters. There is also the popular “Skydive” by the lake, an unusual ride with a view of the mountain peaks over which you fly. Another attraction is the “Ballerina” or “Loopster” in which you can ride in one of the eight cabins. You decide for yourself whether you want a light, panoramic ride or an adrenaline ride full of turbulence.

Jahorina is full of comfortable bungalows and accommodation in the woods. There are also a large number of hotels where you can stay. Termag, Lavina and my favorite Vučko hotels are of the highest standards and will meet your needs.

House apartments Jahorinko


Visit Jahorina with friends or family. I always went to Jahorina surrounded by wonderful people and dear friends. In this environment, these gatherings remained in my beautiful memory. Every time we came to the mountain from the direction of Sarajevo and the road is in excellent condition.

Location: East Sarajevo / Sarajevo, distances: Banja Luka 226km, Sarajevo 33km, Mostar 153km.

We advise you to spend 7 days to fully experience the winter beauty.

For a larger company, the ideal travel car is the Opel Vivaro van, and if you are traveling with your family, our recommendation is the Škoda Octavia. With prior notice, it is possible to provide all the necessary winter equipment; snow chains, ski racks.